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In 2008 Ángel Valverde, after nearly 20 years of practice as a lawyer in companies and law firms of first level, decides to found a law firm, Valverde Abogados, from which to offer integral legal services for entrepreneurs and family business. Its main motivation was to offer its clients legal advices with professionalism, optimism and responsibility. Gradsal Abogados is founded by Juan Fernández seeking to join the will of a group of professionals who believe in the exercise of law as a tool to serve customers. By forming an office that creates and enhances personalized service in the face of the recent industrialization and chain work movements that seek to impose themselves as the sole motives of a service profession. An office that flee from the mere economic profitability as criterion of organization and motivation for the accomplishment of a serious and efficient work Both offices decided to add efforts and objectives, and currently Valverde Gradsal Abogados is make up for more than 10 open-minded professionals, who seek to grow through their daily work; Seeking satisfactory answers to the legal needs of each client. An office that creates and enhances personalized service to customers. A group of professionals who, with full respect for the values and objectives of customer service that make up our profession and in which we fully believe, constitute a legal team prepared, qualified, committed and expert, who always acting under our respect and our Passion for law and what it represents, they offer a comprehensive legal service in defense and support of the interests and needs of our clients.
Angel Valverde Partner Director
Juan Fernández Partner Director
Carlota García
Pablo Brobia
Trini Barón
Belén Jimenez
Address: Glorieta de Quevedo 8 3º Izquierda 28015 Madrid